Buckeye Dealership Consulting is a diverse company specializing in re-insurable products for today’s auto dealers. We work with our clients to provide products such as Limited Warranties, Vehicle Service Contracts, CPI, GAP, as well as other F&I products. By working with BDC, we can help set up profitable programs that will also allow better risk management and capital growth.

Reinsurance Company Management

Buckeye’s reinsurance company management division specializes in the design and set up of dealer owned reinsurance companies.

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Reinsurable F&I Products

BDC offers a multitude of re-insurable products for today’s auto dealers.

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What Our Clients Say

“BDC lowered my costs and provides better service than the competition.”
Michael Thomasson, MCMC Auto
“BDC is the only way to go, no one else compares!”
Gary Sayre, Gary Syre Used Cars



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